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JRXmlDataSource - Addressbook Example files

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By: cbaeza - cbaeza

JRXmlDataSource - Addressbook Example files

2005-11-23 12:51


I wish implemented the Addressbook example. I have an example but don´t can navigate in the "<hobbies>..<hobby>" nodes for display.

Also, my problem is: Associated correctly each nodes <hobby> to respective users id and display all nodes.


- How can I to make ?

- Somebody already has an implemented this example?

Help me please ;-)


Thank in advanced,



(Please, contact me for send the example files)





By: Wal Millard - walmillard

RE: JRXmlDataSource - Addressbook Example fil

2005-11-23 14:24


cbaeza, this is a bad example. The Example that ships with the zip/rar for jasper reports is much better, and only takes a couple of minutes to run thru. checkout my post here...




Now if you still want to do this address book, check out my post here...




You also might want to read up on XPath...




ok best of luck







By: Wal Millard - walmillard

RE: JRXmlDataSource - Addressbook Example fil

2005-11-23 14:30




The Hobby Node is another tick of this very tricky example, have a look at this post. if you are still have trouble, post and i will reply




luck walmillard

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