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Optional table/graphs

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By: elpablo - elpablo

Optional table/graphs

2005-10-21 04:32

I have a requirement that a report collection be generated on the fly and the user can specify which reports they want in the collection and the reports can contain either the table, or the graph, or both on the same page with the graph at the top.


I've tried this with subreports and kinda managed it by making a table and a graph as a subreport each and then having three different superreports(?) which contain the graph/table combinations.


The problem with that is : I have to put the graph and table in the detail section and they get repeated for every row that is retrieved.


Is there something that I'm missing here? Is there actually a way to do this without repeating all my elements in different files?


Thanks in advance,






By: elpablo - elpablo

RE: Optional table/graphs

2005-10-21 04:36

Ok, just after I posted this I realised I could just put both subreports into the summary band and it works. I'd be interested to know if anyone has any more elegant ideas that don't involve having three templates for one report though!




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