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Second subreport on a new page

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By: Alex Irimiea - alex_irimiea

Second subreport on a new page

2005-05-31 01:27


If anyone has an idea: i'm trying to build a report containing two subreports but with the second subreport starting on a new page, after the first one has ended.

I have tried this way:

1. use a simple query for the main report, smth. like :

"SELECT * FROM <table> WHERE <primarykey>=<value>" ,in this way knowing for sure that only a record will be result from the query.

2. Create two new groups in this "master" report - each group having the "group expression" property set to a different field taken from the "query" table.

3. I have placed each of the two subreports in the headers of these two groups and checked for the second group - the property "start on a new page".


Conclusion: after running the report (which works fine otherwise) - the layout seems not to be as expected: the second subreport is following imediatelly after subreport #1 and not on a new page.

Any ideas, anyone?

Thank you all in advance.






By: Alex Irimiea - alex_irimiea

RE: Second subreport on a new page

2005-05-31 02:29

i have found a solution that might help other people having the same problem:

use only one group having group expression equal to a field from the query, move the first subreport in its header.

The second subreport i've put it in the summary band having checked the option "summary on a new page" - you can find this checkbox in /View/Report Properties/More..

I have found that there is also a checkbox "title on a new page", so i guess i could have handled it with 3 subreports too...

Though I wonder - what is the solution if i have 4+ number of subreports and i need each one to start on a new page, when the previous one ends. Just being curious..:)





By: ldecaro - ldecaro

RE: Second subreport on a new page

2005-09-27 12:48

have you tried using a subreport inside a subreport??

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