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Creating complex printed documents

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By: Nathan W. Phelps - nphelps

Creating complex printed documents

2002-10-01 14:31

I'm evaluating JasperReports for use as a document generation and printing solution for things like invoices, contracts, account statements, etc. Some of these documents are fairly complex and include structures like:



- Body

| |- Detail

| |- Child Details

| |- Child Detail (one or more)

| |- Attributes

| |- Attribute (one or more)

| |- AttributeDetails

| |- AttributeDetail (one or more)

- Footer


Is this level of complexity available with JasperReports, and if so, is it possible to split out each section into its own XML document so that you can reuse it?



By: Alex Parfenov - aparfeno

RE: Creating complex printed documents

2002-10-01 14:47

Absolutely. Your layers are nothing more than Jasper's groups (which can be nested infinitely deep) with possibly subreports for your Details.

Piece of cake.


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