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grid and snap

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By: sebi - jempe

grid and snap

2005-09-12 05:46



I cannot change the size of the grid.

I am doing it this way:

Tools -> options -> general -> grid size <I change value>


But nothing change on the screen, same if a restart ireport.


Also, I can t see if the option "snap grid" exists.


Can you help me?







By: sebi - jempe

RE: grid and snap

2005-09-15 08:09

I someone can just say me if the resize of the grid is working in Ireoprt please?





By: michael - mjhill67

RE: grid and snap

2005-09-15 08:45

The option 'snap to grid' can be found on the Edit menu. I'm also not sure if the Grid Size option works as I didnt see any screen update after making a change (in v.0.5.0).





By: sebi - jempe

RE: grid and snap

2005-09-15 08:51

HO! Thx! How can it be possible I didn't see it!!


I am afraid the grid is bugued if you have the same problem...

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