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Subreport scenario - group footer fields/vars

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By: Hernando - hrlucena

Subreport scenario - group footer fields/vars

2005-09-12 10:56

hi guyz....


I will try to explain whats happened

i have


1. two [big sql querys] and

2. a main report ordered by one group, and 3 parameters

3. a subreport ordered by another group, and the same 3 parameters of main report need to be forward to subreport


basically on subreport have only a var that sum all fields of a column and [reset at page], inside of a textfield in [group footer band] that explain this var and shows it.

*On subreport i have only a great group footer band and nothing else


i need to show this text field, that appear on subreport group footer band, for every group on main report,


on main report i checked the box "IS FOR PROMPTING" and the report runs fine


on subreport, IF i check the same box for all parameters the report runs fine too


so, i removed the check box from SUBREPORT, on main report i add a subreport field, and at subreport properties set the subreport UMC path, and the three parameters $P{N}, from the main report


so i aways get the same error,


Filling report... Error filling print... java.io.StreamCorruptedException: invalid stream header


0. does subreport group footer band appear on a main report or oly detail field?

1. does anybody knows a solution??

2. any cake's prescription to put group footers fields in a main report

3. is there another way to put a text field of a subreport


thanks in advance

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