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CustomTableModel and the columnNames

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By: Benjamin Lim - benlim

CustomTableModel and the columnNames

2002-09-29 19:45

Hi, wonder if anybody can help me with the following.

I have a CustomTableModel that has the following column names "No Of Years" and "Total Cost". Meaning to say the column names is made up of more than one word. Can you give me pointers on how I can modify the sample source and XML so that I can fill Jasper Report with data from a Swing table?


Thanks alot!



By: Teodor Danciu - teodord

RE: CustomTableModel and the columnNames

2002-10-01 03:04




In order to supply TableModel data to a report,

you can use the dori.jasper.engine.data.JRTableModelDataSource.


It is true that you cannot name your report fields

using names with more that one word in them.

Still, you can use field names such as COLUMN_5

in order to retrieve data found on the column with

index 5 in your table model object.

This is a feature of this implementation of the

JRDataSource interface.


I hope this helps.


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