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iReport 0.5.0 released!

2005 IR Help

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By: Giulio Toffoli - gt78

iReport 0.5.0 released!

2005-05-23 15:28

iReport Release 0.5.0 Released!


The following changes have been made to software since release 0.5.0

Full support for JasperReports 0.6.7

support for exporter options

New contextual menus and formatting tools

Support for Groovy


Complete Changelog related to this version



22/05/2005 2.50 gt New plugin to check for iReport updates

20/05/2005 22:21 rl Added tooltips to the FormatCommand toolbar buttons

18/05/2005 0.24 gt New option to set groovy the default language for expressions

17/05/2005 22:03 rl 6 formatting commands added. Element Maximize + Center in Band

17/05/2005 02:01 gt Added support for export parameters

17/05/2005 02:01 gt Switched to JR 0.6.7

16/05/2005 22:20 rl Toolbar Format extended with numerous commands. Format commands are now in separate files

16/05/2005 18.12 gt Fixed 819093 Now iReport use UTF-8 charset to write the config file

16/05/2005 18.05 gt Fixed 992170 Now MySQL-TIME is converted correctly as java.sql.Time

16/05/2005 17.41 gt Fixed 1124129 Now Pattern don't needs an to be set

16/05/2005 17.39 gt Fixed 1163510 Now if you rename a variable (or a parameter), it is picked up by syntax correctly

16/05/2005 17.36 gt Fixed bug 1167814 Now an Exception StackTrace is printed for Custom Data Source when test fail

16/05/2005 17.10 gt Added status label when executing SQL statements in Report query dialog

16/05/2005 17.09 gt Added Built-in parameters handling

15/05/2005 23.56 gt Fixed bug 1182933 Now in in Bean-ConnectionDialog is used the ReportClassLoader

12/05/2005 16.58 gt New contextual menu for the opened files list

12/05/2005 16.25 gt Added menus Close, Close All, Close All except this, Revert To Saved

12/05/2005 2.49 gt Added Connections combobox in the ToolBar

12/05/2005 2.01 gt Fixed bug 1179681 Now all textareas support undo/redo

12/05/2005 1.10 gt Fixed bug 1121721 Now the scriptlet editor use get{Field|Variable|Paramter}Value() instead Map

12/05/2005 1.10 gt Fixed some compilation problems in IReportCompiler

12/05/2005 0.39 gt Fixed bug 1171391 Now document structure is updated when an element is deleted or pasted

09/05/2005 10.25 gt Fixed bug 1188584 Objects library now is refreshed on query change

07/05/2005 19:20 rl Separated code for Toolbar Format to ToolbarFormatPanel.java/form for easy maintenance

07/05/2005 2.06 gt Implemented support for PDF export options

07/05/2005 2.04 gt Added support for exporter options

07/05/2005 0.44 gt If not set, the Locale used is the system default

07/05/2005 0.12 gt New general options interface (sheet property)

06/05/2005 16:43 rl Additional option: Synchronize Report Name with File name when saving

06/05/2005 00:34 rl Added (Modified) or (Unchanged) to the screen title (Not finished yet)

06/05/2005 00:34 rl Filename defaults to report name when saving the file

If user enters different name, then user is asked whether to change

the report name as well.

05/05/2005 2.58 gt Implemented prompt dialog for parameters (Integer, Double, String, Boolean, Date, Time, Timestamp)

03/05/2005 15.05 gt Added plugin to set TERRITORY and LANGUAGE for Oracle connections

03/05/2005 15.05 gt Fixed bug 1191925 (Small Annoyances...)

02/05/2005 20.17 gt Classpath handling (now you can add directories and jars to the ireport classpath)

22/04/2005 18.01 gt Now element border properties are handled separatly for multiple selections

11/04/2005 22.53 gt New "remove margins" feature

11/04/2005 22.52 gt New contextual menu for variables/fields/parameters

11/04/2005 22.51 gt Added jr-bsh-compiler (not in JR 0.6.6)

08/04/2005 0.05 gt Support for new variable attributes (incrementType and incrementGroup)

08/04/2005 0.04 gt Support for groovy language for expressions

08/04/2005 0.04 gt Switched to JR 0.6.6

08/04/2005 0.01 gt Added checkbox for enable/disable textfield height optimization

24/03/2005 20.10 gt Added "set report locale" menu (selected locale is stored in reportLocale property

17/02/2005 0.01 gt Added support for JRDataSourceProvider interface

17/02/2005 0.01 gt Fixed bug 1077793

16/02/2005 23.09 gt Fixed bug 1121719

06/02/2005 23.11 gt Fixed bugs 1116676, 1116675, 1116666, 1116661

04/02/2005 14.15 gt Now the Massive Compiler uses the global options to choose the right compiler

04/02/2005 14.14 gt Fixed "lib" dipendencies when iReport is started using Java Web Start




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