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Report Wizard not working

2004 IR Help

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By: CSJakharia - csplrj

Report Wizard not working

2004-06-27 23:35

I am new to IReport as well as Jasper Report


I have downloaded IReport 0.3.1 and using JDBC-ODBC bridge for MS Access Database

I am working on Sun JAVA VM


Now when I tried to start Report Wizard everything works smoothly till Step4: Choose Layout


There is two option Columnar or Tabular in the combo


But there is nothing in the list box below it

and the Next Button is disabled


I am confused as I had gone through the tutorial It said about the list


Is there any installation fault


I had downloaded IReport and just unzipped and run startup.bat


Please provide me a help on this regard


Thanks in advance







By: Giulio Toffoli - gt78

RE: Report Wizard not working

2004-06-28 05:12


This is a little bug. See this post:









By: CSJakharia - csplrj

RE: Report Wizard not working

2004-06-28 05:31



That helped me


Thanks again



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iReport also does not allow me to complete the iReport Wizard.


Running iReport 3.0.0, on "Step 4: choose layout" of the iReport Wizard, the "Next" button is grayed out even though all the prior selections are correct. The recommended link above is old and no longer references the original post.


I see references regarding a known bug for this. but, that information was from years ago and before iReport 3.0.0 was available. Is that bug still in effect? If so, can someone please instruct me on how to work around this bug?


I love JasperReports and I love iReport so I am hoping to get this going with someone's help.




Ballistech B)

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