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support for complex reports ....?

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By: Elana Schilz - elana101

support for complex reports ....?

2004-06-14 03:17



Now that my subreports are working, this is my next hurdle :


I am trying to put multiple tables onto my main report.

These are all seperate tables that I've placed in subreports (about 5).

My problem now, is that these tables change size, so how can I place them correctly so that they all fit on the pages whilst changing in size.

At the moment they are overlapping each other.

Is there support for this kind of thing in iReports??







By: Elana Schilz - elana101

RE: support for complex reports ....?

2004-06-14 05:44

Also, this report makes up an area larger than the max band height, how can I carry it over to the next page???





By: Giulio Toffoli - gt78

RE: support for complex reports ....?

2004-06-16 03:46


The subreport can be height only 1 pixel at design time. don't overlap it.

Use fake group and put in your subreport is you have a lot of subreports (this to avoid positioning problems)



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