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Nested Parameters Give Error

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By: Sharlene - sharly

Nested Parameters Give Error

2005-03-07 11:16

My report contains two parameters. The first has a default string value, and the second is an SQL query that references the first parameter: "where branch_cd = " + $P{b_cd}. I pass the latter as the query string to the Report Query Dialogue as $P!{Query}. I then see an error message stating "Inline evaluation of bshCalculator.evaluate(#):null". When I programatically compile the associated xml document with jasperreports API, I am able to see the results without incident.

Is this a known bug? Or am I doing something wrong?



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I also had a similar issue and after trying many possibilities may have found the solution. When you create the 2nd parameter try this...


" where branch_cd = '$P!{b_cd}' "


Also, remember to put this syntax in the where clause of the SQL statement: P$!{<Parameter_name>}, where P${<Parameter_name>} is the 2nd parameter and equals " where branch_cd = '$P!{b_cd}' ".


Hope this helps someone.

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I am still having issues.  My 2nd parameter uses the 1st parameter in a query/stored procedure.  Parameter 1 is also based on a query, and has a default value of " ". 

CALL proc_a($P{parameter1})

I keep getting the similar error to everyone else - "Error preparing statement for executing the report query".  How can I use the 1st parameter selection to determine the 2nd parameters value?



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