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XLS problem:bad subreport automatic pagesplit

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By: Pierre Sengè³- psenges

XLS problem:bad subreport automatic pagesplit

2004-03-30 01:48

Hi all !


I'm new to IReport and i've got a strange problem with Excel. I use IReport 2.3.0.

I have a report containing a subreport listing data in the summary section. Split allowed is selected for summary band. When data needs to be displayed in a new page, it's well done in PDF export.

But in XLS export, sub report insert two (why 2 ???) jump lines in generated xls document to materialize the page jump. When i print the document, the 2 line jumps are at the end of my first page, just before a data line ... and then the second page and next data. I would like to have a kind of page jump in my generated xls document (mean when i print it ...) like it's done when i print from pfd view. How can i do it ???


Thx !



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