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Merging several reports into one PDF


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By: Olivier - opoppon

Merging several reports into one PDF

2003-11-27 08:28


First thanks for your help to previous questions. I made significant progresses thanks to them.


I have searched on this forum for subreport, but I don't think they address my need.


Basically I would like to have several reports each with its own header, detail, footer merge into one PDF.

An example could be as follow:

I want to display the employees of a company in the first report sorted by name, in the second sorted by employee no.


I can do this on separate file.

Is their a way via jasper/iReport to merge them into one PDF.









By: Adrian Dimulescu - dadi

RE: Merging several reports into one PDF

2003-11-27 08:32

Hi, there is a Java library for manipulating PDFs called pj, http://www.etymon.com/pjx/ . I used it for dynamically merging reports.








By: Giulio Toffoli - gt78

RE: Merging several reports into one PDF

2003-11-28 00:56


It's possible create a master report with many subreport each starting on a new page with indipendent datasources, but I think that using pj many task are very simpler, and you can save a lot of memory at generation time.


Thanks to Adrian to address this new pdf manipulation library :-)



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