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steps to generate subreport via hyperlink image


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Can any body tell the steps to generate a sub report via hyperlink.

Like if I put a image in my report then on right click in properties menu I got one tab named hyperlink.

But now I don't know what HYPERLINK TYPE I should choose to connect to another report 1.e subreport.

What should I put in anchor name expression.


I am using 1.2.4 ,jdk1.5,mysql5.0,tomcat5.5


Plz tell me each and every step.




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There is not a ready to use drilldown feature in JR. You should use a separate application reachable with a link that can generate a report (i.e. requested clicking on a link inside a document).


Links in JR are supported for textfields, images, charts, single chart values, etc....


The typical flow is:

1. The user generate a report

2. The user clicks on a link in the report, i.e.:


3. A servlet (i.e. myRunReport) will generate a new report with the specified data.


To customize the url, you can define your own hyperlink type.


JasperIntelligence supports this kind of approach and you can have create drilled down/up reports.



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