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Is it possible to refer URL in Images????


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By: Narendar - narendar_doshi

Is it possible to refer URL in Images????

2003-05-30 05:30


In HTML format report, if the html page has images, the images are saved in a new folder and i think it may increase the burden if i want to save the html report in server. Is it possible to just refer the URL for the image, instead of saving the whole image in a new folder. Since in my case, i may get thousands of image to be shown in the HTML. I t may take time for the browser to download the images. And in case i have to take many reports like this, why we are saving the images in new folder. i think we can just give the reference. please tell me is is possible to refer the URL.

Thx and regards






By: Giulio Toffoli - gt78

RE: Is it possible to refer URL in Images????

2003-05-30 08:36

This is a jasperReports specific issue. However the solution is create your custom HTML exporter starting by the HTML export shipped with jasperReports and code your export logic for image elements.




PS: I think that this is an easy work. If you are working for a middle/big company and don't want spend more time on this problem, I'm happy to help you with few hours of work (but this time not for free... :-)

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