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New JasperReports was released. How to apply?


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By: Ratchapong - jeng

New JasperReports was released. How to apply?

2003-04-15 21:08

I just grab jasperreport 0.4.6 and seem it work fine with ireport but i don't know about using 0.4.6 in iReport. I just rename jasperreport 0.4.6 and applet into the same name as in the ireport's lib folder. It seem to work fine but i just wonder is it alright todo this? Do i have to do anythings else to upgrade jasperreport in iReport???


Thank in advance.






By: Giulio Toffoli - gt78

RE: New JasperReports was released. How to apply?

2003-04-16 00:49


iReport 0.0.9 is compatible with jasperreports 0.4.6.


I'll release soon iReport 0.1.0 with full support for jasperreports 0.4.6 new features (background, image alignments,...) and with some options to leave the compatibility with older jasperreports version.


Stay tuned!



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