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dynamic charts on multiple pages

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By: eric - greatmaster

dynamic charts on multiple pages

2004-02-25 00:05



i try to generate reports with charts using JasperReport.

My problem is that on each page i want to show a different chart, depending on datas. I don't know how many pages i have in the report because it's dynamic.


In the report design i could insert the image. But there could be more than one image inserted.


How could i display a different chart on each page ?

I should define one image for this but it should generate multiple charts according to this image

How could i do that ?







By: eric - greatmaster

RE: dynamic charts on multiple pages

2004-02-26 00:15

Ok guys !!!

I managed to do what i wanted with scriptlets.


Nevertheless,i noticed 2 things:


- it's impossible to specify in the classpath of ireport, the directory where i put the scriplet class, so i was obliged to copy it in the lib directory of ireport


- i put the charts generated with scriplet in a subreport. In the master report i use a Database connection, but not in the child report. Although,i was obliged to set a database connection in the child for the master report working.



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