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Jaspersoft commercial edition

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Our most popular products - JasperReports® Server, Jaspersoft® Studio, JasperReports® Web Studio, and JasperReports® IO – have been combined into one powerful suite so you can take advantage of the best of Jaspersoft. Organizations see immediate value in accessing more features and functionality, better support, and improved scalability, security and integration capabilities – including protecting your intellectual property from legal risks and liabilities.

The Jaspersoft commercial edition includes:

JasperReports Server

Deliver what you want, when you want

JasperReports Server makes it easy to design, distribute and securely manage self-service ad hoc and other reports, dashboards, and visualizations in an easy to use drag-and-drop environment. Whether you need real-time delivery or reports to be sent on a predetermined schedule, this powerful tool can connect to any data source and deliver visualizations in a wide-variety of formats, on request or inside your application.

Jaspersoft Studio

The industry’s top design environment

Jaspersoft Studio enables you to create highly formatted, pixel-perfect designed reports and data visualizations that can pull from the widest selection of data sources and meet exacting requirements.

The design features in the Jaspersoft commercial edition also include Highcharts, maps, and HTML5 visualizations with animation, interactive legends, and navigation through many combinations of aggregate and detailed data levels.

Easily customized to support specific business requirements, whatever you create can be re-used and easily published for distribution to the masses via JasperReports IO. The extensible architecture also allows developers to tap into libraries and functionality from third-party software.

JasperReports Web Studio

The web-based version of desktop Jaspersoft Studio

Produce rich data visualizations, dynamic content, and templates using the open-source library of the entire Jaspersoft suite of products. Securely log in from anywhere and easily connect with myriad data adapters.

JasperReports IO

Our amazing, embeddable microservice engine

Designed for modern cloud and microservices architectures, JasperReports IO is a next-generation reporting engine. Powered by a container-ready, RESTful service that can be leveraged by any developer, users can generate reports and visualizations that are fast, highly interactive, and seamlessly embeddable into modern web applications. JasperReports IO can be easily deployed in a Docker container and a natural fit for DevOps pipelines allowing you to run the same setup in staging as production, update existing versions, and deploy new ones to achieve operational excellence.

Additional features and benefits

One instance, multiple tenants

Specifically designed to serve all your users and customers from a single instance, the Jaspersoft commercial edition makes it much easier to manage distribution and access to reports, dashboards, and other data. And as your business grows and evolves, the Jaspersoft organization-based folder structure provides a fast, flexible way to service the individual requirements of your users and customers .

We’re there for you, 24/7

There’s no limit to how often you can contact us. For whatever reason, whenever you need us, we’re ready to help with anything from secure technical support to expert guidance. We offer guaranteed response times and will work to resolve any issue you may be facing in a timely manner. And we even provide extended support for non-current software releases.

Protect yourself and your business

Increase competitive differentiation, mitigate operational risk, and reduce legal risk and liabilities.

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Everything you need to design and deliver any report you need.

Our commercial suite lets you design and deliver embedded analytics, reporting, and other data visualizations including pixel perfect reports, self-service ad hoc reports, and dashboards, quickly and efficiently, in any format. Plus, Jaspersoft commercial edition provides 24/7 customer support, secure multi-tenant management and protects you from legal liabilities and operational risks.

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