User Descriptions and Document Maps

Because this Ultimate Guide is a comprehensive resource for users with many different needs, it includes information that may not be relevant to you. The following user descriptions and document maps can help you find the information that pertains to you in this guide.

Technical Business Analyst

Technical business analysts know their business, data, and processes. They are power users who generate business intelligence for themselves and others.

If you're a technical business analyst, refer to the following:

Changing the UI With Themes
Customizing Menus
Working With Custom Java Classes

Report Developer

Report developers understand their business and its data and create reports for other users.

If you're a report developer, refer to the following:

Custom Data Sources

System Developer

System developers leverage JasperReports Server functionality in their own product. They extend and change the source code, system configurations, and other low-level options.

If you're a system developer, refer to the following:

JasperReports Server APIs
Customizing the User Interface

System Administrator and Database Administrator

System administrators install, deploy, maintain, and troubleshoot JasperReports Server, along with other systems in their environment. They also manage the server, including creation and maintenance of users, roles, permissions, and organizations, and authorization.

Database administrators (DBAs) administer database management systems (DBMS) and are familiar with both relational and Online Analytical Processing databases. They plan, configure, tune, and maintain the schemas that store business data.

If you're a system or database administrator, refer to the following:

Custom Data Sources
Restricting Access by Role
Working With Custom Java Classes
Designing a Cluster