Known Issues

This section describes issues you may need to be aware of, including:

Current Known Issues
Known Issues Addressed in this Release

For information about the status of specific cases, please visit TIBCO Jaspersoft Technical Support ( For information regarding known issues found or addressed in Version 6 releases, see the 6.4.x release notes.

Current Known Issues

We're aware of these issues in this release of JasperReports Server:

JS-58997: If you want to rollback JasperReports Server7.8.0 to the previous version, make sure that you copy the .jrsks and .jrsksp files from the directory where you saved the backup of your jasperserver keystore before running overlay rollback. Copy them to the $HOME folder after you rollback the application.
JS-58935: Running the command ./overlay install results in a permission error.
JS-58574: In recent versions of Mac OS, the Stop and Start scripts in the installation directory must be run using Automator.
JS-58145: Trying to use input controls for strings and integers for reports with a very large data size (for example, more than 100,000 rows) could result in the JasperReports Server freezing in the "Loading" stage until the session is terminated.
JS-58144: SQL validation for an input control could result in an error if the input string contains a semicolon (;), dash (), or number sign (#).
JS-57551: Scalar functions can’t be used as a filter for Ad Hoc views when using an ElasticSearch data source.
JS-32077: Multi-select input controls for reports treat the values as case-sensitive even if the data source is case-insenstive.
JRL-242 (was 17824): While Fusion Charts support annotations, JasperReports Server and Jaspersoft Studio don't support them. We may address this issue in a subsequent release.

Known Issues Addressed in this Release

These defects, which were listed in the release notes of previous versions, were addressed in this release:

JS-55770: Previous versions of JasperReports Server could not be deployed as the root application in Tomcat. This issue has been addressed in this release. Refer to the readme.txt for more information.
JS-41184The UI Samples page that was available to administrators in previous releases of JasperReports Server has been removed. When testing themes and other cosmetic changes or customizations to the web UI, please navigate to a web page with the UI component you're changing rather than viewing all available components in a single view.
JS-38006: The permissions window in the repository showed the Read + Write + Delete option twice in the drop-down list in earlier versions of JasperReports Server. This issue has been corrected in this release.
JS-34763: In earlier versions of JasperReports Server, exporting scheduled jobs in bulk resulted in an empty ZIP file. This issue has been corrected.
JS-33114: In previous versions, exporting a report with large frame elements as an Excel spreadsheet could result in high memory usage, even when using a virtualizer.