Getting Started With Jaspersoft Mobile SDK for Android

JasperReports Server builds on the JasperReports Library as a comprehensive family of Business Intelligence (BI) products, providing robust static and interactive reporting, report server, and data analysis capabilities. These capabilities are available as either individual products, or as part of an integrated end-to-end BI suite utilizing common metadata and providing shared services, such as security, a repository, and scheduling.

JasperReports Server functionality can also be accessed from mobile devices. When using the Mobile SDKs (software development kits) for the iOS and Android platforms, you can easily embed server functionality in your mobile application and display reports to the user. The Mobile SDKs use the REST API to send and receive data to and from the server. Jaspersoft also provides the JasperMobile app for iOS and Android: both are full-featured apps that can browse the repository, display reports, and store a list of favorite reports. You can use the source code of the JasperMobile apps to create your own mobile BI solution.

This preliminary version of this document covers the installation of the Jaspersoft Mobile SDKs and gives a preview of the JasperMobile apps for Android and iOS devices.

This guide is intended for solution architects who want to understand mobile BI and want to design a mobile application using Jaspersoft BI products. It is also intended for programmers who implement the mobile application.

The procedures in this document assume you are familiar with JasperReports Server installation, deployment, and administration. You must have system administrator privileges within JasperReports Server and its application server, as well as read and write access to system files. This document also assumes you are familiar with the various programming languages and file formats that it uses, including Java, JavaScript, XML, and HTML.

This chapter documents version 1.9 of the Jaspersoft Mobile SDK for Android.

This chapter contains the following sections:

System Requirements
Setting Up the Google Android SDK
Setting Up the Jaspersoft Mobile SDK for Android
Structure of the Mobile SDK for Android
JasperMobile App for Android
Source Code