JasperReports Server Distributions

You can install JasperReports Server either by running an executable installer or deploying a WAR file. For evaluations, we recommend the installer; for most production instances, we recommend the WAR file. Both the executable and the WAR file are available from TIBCO Jaspersoft Technical Support (http://support.tibco.com).

The binary installer installs JasperReports Server, automatically configures the JasperReports Server database, and optionally installs the sample data for working with tutorials. It uses the Tomcat application server and the PostgreSQL database. There are native installers for Linux, Macintosh, and Windows. See the JasperReports Server Supported Platform Datasheet for the list of supported operating systems and other components. See Installing Using the Binary Installer for more information.
The WAR file binary distribution contains the JasperReports Server web archive file and the scripts to create and load the database. The WAR file distribution supports additional applications not supported by the installers. For a list of supported JDK/JVMs, application servers, databases, operating systems, and browsers, refer to the JasperReports Server Supported Platform Datasheet. See Installing the WAR File Distribution for information on installing the WAR file.

For a complete list of applications supported by the WAR file distribution, see the JasperReports Server Supported Platform Datasheet.