External Database Authentication

This chapter shows how to configure JasperReports Server to perform external authentication and authorization using tables in an external database. To help you with this, the JasperReports Server deployment includes a sample file, sample-applicationContext-externalAuth-db-mt.xml, that serves as a template for external database authentication. Customizing this template should satisfy the requirements of most external database authentication cases.

This chapter assumes you have some familiarity with Spring Security filter chains. Examples in this chapter assume you are running JasperReports Server on an application server, such as Apache Tomcat, and an external SQL database.

This chapter contains the following sections:

Overview of External Database Authentication
Configuring JasperReports Server for External Database Authentication
Beans to Configure
Configuring User Authentication and Authorization via Database Queries
Setting the Password Encryption
Mapping User Roles
Setting the User Organization
Setting the Database Connection Parameters
Configuring the Login Page for a Single-Organization Deployment
Restarting JasperReports Server