Auditing and Monitoring Events

Whereas logs capture messages from the internal code of JasperReports Server, the auditing and monitoring systems capture user events. This gives an operational picture of how users interact with the server and what resources they use. Auditing and monitoring can help you see who is using the server, and what resources are the most in demand. This can help you locate bottlenecks and optimize your reports.

In broad terms, an audit event is any atomic operation that can be recorded by the audit system. Event properties and attributes are features of the event; they can be defined internally or in custom code. Auditing and monitoring rely on the same record of events, so the audit events are also available in monitoring data sources, Domains, and reports.

The following table lists the defined audit events and the information collected about them. For every recorded event, JasperReports Server logs the time it occurred and the user who initiated it. See the configuration file applicationContext-audit.xml for complete specification of the events.


Information Collected

Log in or log out

Time and user ID (recorded for every event)

Log in as

User logged in as

Run report or run a subreport within any other report

Report referenced
Data source referenced
Report parameters and values
Report queries (such as SQL, Domain, HQL, generated SQL)
Execution start, end
Query execution time (in milliseconds)
Report rendering time (in milliseconds)
Caching parameters
Errors that occurred

Report schedule created, deleted, or updated

Report referenced
Scheduling parameters and values

Scheduled report run

Report output
Report delivery parameters (such as email)
Same parameters as when report is run

Creating report in Ad Hoc Editor

Field added as a column
Field added as a group

Resource accessed for any reason (such as view, used in report, etc.)

Resource referenced
Resource type

Resource added or updated

Resource referenced
Resource type

Resource or folder deleted

Resource or folder referenced

Permissions added, updated, or deleted

Resource or folder referenced
Previous permissions (before update)

User added, updated, or deleted, also user password change

User ID
User name
Enabled flag
External flag
User attributes

Role added, updated, or deleted

Role ID
Role name
Role organization

Organization added, updated, or deleted

Organization ID
Organization description