Cassandra Reports Not Running

The Cassandra architecture introduces some restrictions that other databases do no have. Certain filters such as is-one-of (IN), <, and > cannot be used with all fields. For example, you may see the following error:

Caused by: com.datastax.driver.core.exceptions.InvalidQueryException: Cannot use IN operator on column not part of the partition key

Cassandra clusters use partition keys to split data between nodes, but this imposes a certain segmentation of the data. This segmentation is not compatible with all filtering, because it would be very inefficient. Therefore, the definition of the partition keys in your Cassandra schema limits you to certain comparison operations on certain fields.

In general you should avoid comparison operators other than strict equality in filters on Cassadra data sources. The Cassandra reference documentation recommends not using the IN comparison "under most conditions."

For more details, see the Cassandra documentation of the SELECT WHERE clause in CQL (Cassandra Query Language).