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    TIBCO®Jaspersoft® Studio Source Build Guide

    This document describes how to compile and run Jaspersoft Studio Professional edition from the source files.

    Zip Package Contents

    The zip package contains the following items:

    jrePackages folder: Contains zip files of the JRE version shipped with Jaspersoft Studio (needed during build time).
    sources folder: Contains the source code of Jaspersoft Studio Professional 6.3.0. Can also be downloaded from the online repository.
    targetRepo630 folder: Contains the target repository that can be used for both compiling in the development environment and building via Maven Tycho.

    Setting Up Eclipse and Your Workspace

    To set up eclipse:

    1. Download the latest version of Eclipse from the website: http://www.eclipse.org/

    Normally, the Jaspersoft developers use the "Eclipse for RCP and RAP developers" version of Eclipse. As of the time this document was created, the latest version was Eclipse 4.6.3 (Neon 3).

    2. Choose a blank workspace.
    3. Configure the proper target platform for compiling Jaspersoft Studio source code:
    a. Select Eclipse > Preferences > Plug-in Development > Target Platform.
    b. Add a new platform starting from the Nothing option, then add the targetRepo630 directory containing the plugins and features that are the foundation for the Jaspersoft Studio platform.

    Creating a target platform


    c. Be sure to select the newly-created platform in order to compile the sources.

    Selecting the target platform


    4. Import the existing projects from the sources folder:
    a. Select File > Import.
    b. Select Import (wizard) > General > Existing Projects into Workspace.

    Importing projects


    c. Configure the wizard to point to the location of the downloaded sources folder (for example, /Users/user/jss/jss630/sources), then click Finish. We recommend that you copy the projects directly into the dedicated workspace in order to avoid modifying the original ones.

    To set up a run/debug configuration of Jaspersoft Studio:

    To run/debug a version of the Jaspersoft Studio runtime from the development environment, you can create a Run/Debug configuration:

    1. Select Run > Debug Configurations … > Eclipse Application > New from the menu.

    Creating a debug configuration


    2. Enter the required details for the product configuration in the Main tab.

    You might want to add additional arguments and/or configuration parameters in the Arguments tab, to replicate the actual final product configuration (that is, jaspersoftstudiopro.product).

    Setting arguments


    3. (Optional) On the Plug-ins tab, disable the option “Validate Plug-ins automatically prior to launching” in order to avoid the warning message related to the plug-ins/fragments/features related to multiple operating systems.
    4. Click on the Debug/Run button to launch the Jaspersoft Studio runtime.

    Creating Products from Jaspersoft Studio Sources

    In order to test a final product as it will look after export, you can leverage Maven Tycho to build Jaspersoft Studio sources.


    If you want to build the Jaspersoft Studio Community project you need use the terminal to go to the “aggregator” project location. If you prefer to build the Jaspersoft Professional edition, you need to go into the “aggregator.pro” project location.

    1. Make sure you have maven correctly installed.
    2. Configure your maven settings.xml file. You can start from the following sample settings.xml file:
    <settings>    <profiles>        <profile>            <id>JSSProfile</id>            <repositories>                <repository>                  <id>central</id>                  <name>jaspersoft-repo</name>                  <url>https://jaspersoft.jfrog.io/jaspersoft/jaspersoft-repo</url>                </repository>            </repositories>            <properties>                <!-- Local Repository with the target platform for building -->                <targetplatform.repo>/Users/user/jss/jss630/targetRepo630</targetplatform.repo>                <!-- JRE files location -->                <jre.packages.location>/Users/user/jss/jss630/jrePackages</jre.packages.location>            </properties>        </profile>    </profiles>    <activeProfiles>        <activeProfile>JSSProfile</activeProfile>    </activeProfiles></settings>[/code]                    
    3. Using the command line, change to your project folder, then enter the following command:
                $ mvn clean package[/code]        
    4. When the build is complete, you can retrieve the product artifacts from the following location, where
    WS_PATH is the path to the Jaspersoft Studio workspace:
    For Jaspersoft Studio PRO:


    For Jaspersoft Studio CE:


    Additional information

    Please contact the Jaspersoft Studio team for any further information.

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