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    Updating your instance or Jaspersoft version requires three main tasks:

    1. Export your repository.
    2. Update the instance, to accommodate a different instance size and/or to move to a different version of JasperReports Server.
    3. Import your repository into your new instance.

    After the upgrade, you'll have to re-apply any customizations you made to the instance outside of the user interface.


    You must be logged in as superuser to upgrade.

    To upgrade your instance:

    1. Navigate to Manage > Server Settings.
    2. Click Export in the left column. The Export window appears.

    Export Window


    3. Name your export data file and select the items to export. Choose Export everything or select specific items.
    4. Click the Export button. You'll see a message that your export succeeded, and your file will be saved to your default download location.


    If you are using a yearly subscription, you cannot run two instances on the same subscription. You will need to stop the current instance before creating the new one. In AWS, go to EC2 Dashboard > Instances > Instances to stop the instance.

    5. Create a new instance that uses the latest version of the Jaspersoft for AWS AMI.

    For instructions on creating an instance, see Creating a JasperReports Server Instance from a Jaspersoft CloudFormation Template or Creating a JasperReports Server Instance from the EC2 Console.

    6. Log into your new instance as superuser.
    7. Navigate to Manage > Server Settings.
    8. Click Import in the left column. The Import window appears.

    Import Window


    9. Click the Choose File button, and select the file you exported in Step 4.
    10. Select your import options.
    11. Click the Import button. You'll see a message telling you your import succeeded.
    12. If you've customized your instance outside of the user interface, re-apply your changes now.

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