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    The following section lists the various documents you should examine as you begin working with your Jaspersoft product(s). You'll find your documents in the Online Customer Portal. Hover over the “Documentation” link in the navigation bar and click the link for the document you want to see.

    Evaluation Guide – This guide will walk you through a high-level evaluation of your product and its underlying functionality. It will walk you through the simplest installation steps (most useful for end users).
    Installation Guide(s) – If you are installing JasperReports Server for the first time in a production environment, or upgrading an existing deployment, this document outlines the steps you must follow
    Role-Specific Guides (User Guide, Administrator Guide, Developer Guide) – These guides are intended for specific types of users, as their names suggest
    User Guide(s) – Intended for end users or individuals who plan to work with the JasperReports Server and/or Jaspersoft OLAP user interfaces, use ad-hoc features, etc. (excludes information about developing reports, configuring databases, administering user access, etc.)
    Administrator Guide – Intended for administrators of JasperReports Server and/or Jaspersoft OLAP (those who control access to the underlying repositories and systems)
    Build Guide – For developers using build tools such as Maven, Ant, etc. If you are compiling your Jaspersoft product from its source code, this guide will explain what to do
    Ultimate Guides (JasperReports Server/Jaspersoft OLAP/JasperReports/iReport) – These guides contained detailed information about report development, API information, customization, data security, access control, various business cases, etc. They are intended for intermediate to advanced users of our products
    C/S Support Policies and Procedures page – Contains information about the coverage and terms of your Support agreement (http://www.jaspersoft.com/policies-and-procedures)
    OPTIONAL: Web Services Guide – Intended for developers who wish to interact with Jaspersoft products via web services. This guide outlines our WS APIs and functions
    OPTIONAL: Java docs – For developers: API documentation for your Jaspersoft products. **Available on the “Downloads” page in the portal under “Source Code and Javadoc”.

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