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    JSS Pro enables you to create sophisticated, pixel-perfect reports on the desktop and upload those reports to JasperReports Server on AWS for secured management, scheduling, and sharing.

    Downloading JSS


    Downloading JSS

    You can download product installers, patches, hot fixes, etc. from the Online Support Portal. Click Downloads in the left navigation panel and select Jaspersoft Studio Professional . The Jaspersoft Studio download page appears.


    Choosing your Operating System

    Click the Download link for your operating system.

    License Downloads

    Download the JSS Pro license, valid for one seat for use with Jaspersoft for AWS. In the Online Customer Portal, go to Licenses/Keys.


    Downloading a license

    Launch JSS Pro and go to Help > License Manager to install the license key.


    JSS License Manager menu


    JSS License Manager installation

    Click Install new license, then browse to your downloaded license and click Open to install it.

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