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    This section describes known issues in this release of JasperReports Server.

    JS-61611: When using countDistinct in a calculated measure, the grand total is incorrect.
    JS-64151: When adding a new File Type for MongoDB file creation, the UI displays two types - "MongoDB JDBC Schema" and "MongoDB Schema File".

    Workaround: Use File Type "MongoDB JDBC Schema" (not "MongoDB Schema File").

    Also, the following file types are mistakenly displayed on the UI: 'Secure Key File', 'Private Key File', 'Public Key File'. These file types are meant for internal use only and are unusable from user/customer side.

    JS-64130: A RuntimeException occurs in Jaspersoft Studio when publishing a Google BigQuery report into JasperReports Server.
    JS-62766: Snowflake JDBC driver does not validate the non-existing or invalid or empty database during connection creation time when passing the db parameter in the connection URL.
    JS-62783: Snowflake JDBC driver does not validate warehouse.
    JS-63462: Snowflake Connector: Null Pointer Exception is shown when using Data Source connection with invalid host name.
    JS-60070: Domain created from Data source using Mongo db JDBC driver is not editable.
    JS-59154: FAF in JRS report viewer: Incorrect results are displayed when clicking the back button after drill down chart report with filter is applied.
    JS-58890: Domain Security does not work for blocked users on Column Level Grants.
    JS-58922: Unable to edit domain when Full Outer Join is applied.
    JS-58898: An endless recursion error occurs after adding crosstab from a previous JasperReports Server version.
    JS-58860: The buildomatic JDBC driver property files for DB2, Oracle, and SQL Server data sources in JasperReports Server 8.0.0 contain references to old JDBC JAR files. You should change the maven.jdbc.version property in the buildomatic files to the latest JDBC driver versions offered by the developers. You can find these files in the <js-install>/buildomatic/sample_conf/ directory.
    JS-58574: In recent versions of Mac OS, the Stop and Start scripts in the installation directory must be run using Automator.
    JS-58540: When using Schemafilter to connect to MongoDB data sources, the format you need to use is ConfigOptions=Schemafilter=<database_name>:< collector_name>. Other formats, such as regex, do not work.
    JS-58316: The TIBCO Data Virtualization data source driver does not support using ORDER BY for Boolean columns in queries.
    JS-58285: When using the Neo4j JDBC data source for a domain, creating an "is one of" pre-filter for a table or crosstab returns an error if the pre-filter uses a value with an apostrophe (').
    JS-58145: Trying to use input controls for strings and integers for reports with a very large data size (for example, more than 100,000 rows) could result in the JasperReports Server freezing in the "Loading" stage until the session is terminated.
    JS-58144: SQL validation for an input control could result in an error if the input string contains a semicolon (;), dash (), or number sign (#).
    JS-58065: Creating an ElasticSearch data source connection may result in an error when using JBoss EAP or WildFly app servers. By default, ElasticSearch data source connections are not available for JasperReports Server and require additional configuration.
    JS-58055: The Safari browser often blocks access to the Visualize.js script because the script uses third-party cookies to enable cross-site access. See the TIBCO JasperReports Server Visualize.js Guide for workarounds for this issue.
    JS-57772: Cannot login to JasperReports Server due to password length exception.


    Ensure all app servers that participate in a cluster (or when app servers are configured to share the same 'jasperserver' repository database) are installed with the same keystore files. For more information, refer to this Jaspersoft Community article.

    JS-57748: Aggregations can't be used on scalar functions in calculated fields when using an ElasticSearch data source.
    JS-57742: Table joins cannot be used in domain when using an ElasticSearch data source.
    JS-57552: Using an asterisk (*) for the EndsWith and StartWith functions in calculated fields results in errors when using an ElasticSearch data source.
    JS-57551: Scalar functions can’t be used as a filter for Ad Hoc views when using an ElasticSearch data source.
    JS-57241: When an ElasticSearch data source is used in a virtual data source, the virtual data source only displays the Base tables of the ElasticSearch data source, not the views, when used in a domain.
    JS-57111: Incorrect date shown on Ad Hoc view with Oracle DATE datatype.
    JS-41999: Changing an Ad Hoc View from table to crosstab may change the timestamp data due to incorrect categorizers for timestamps in the query.
    JS-34767: Administrators in a attempting to import a file receive the following error message on the first attempt: "Import failed. Import of an organization to the root is not allowed." Importing the file a second time will be successful. Administrators in a multi-tenant organization can work around this issue by going to Manage > Server Settings and right-clicking Organization in the tree and choosing Import... to import the file. Administrators in a single-tenant organization must go through the import procedure twice in order to import a file.
    JS-34346: This release changes resource visibility constraints in multi-tenant deployments (that is, those that include more than one organization). The change disables certain cases of improper resource referencing, such as providing an absolute repository path (starting with the root organization) for a resource referenced in a report. If you have a reference to an image, a subreport, or other resource that has an absolute path (or uses a $P{} parameter that later resolves to an absolute path), the server returns an error. Please update such references to use path that are visible to users in the organization in question. Consider using relative paths, or use the public folder for reports used by multiple organizations.
    JS-32077: Multi-select input controls for reports treat the values as case-sensitive even if the data source is case-insenstive.
    JS-30847 (was 43707): If a dashboard contains an image dashlet that relies on the repo: syntax to refer to its image, and superuser exports the dashboard (using the repository's Export context menu item or the Manage > Server Settings > Export page), the image isn't exported with the dashboard. We may address this issue in a subsequent release.
    JS-19493: XML/A data sources returns all datatypes to the Ad Hoc Editor as strings. When an XML/A-based Ad Hoc view is saved as a report, JasperReports Server will attempt to convert the data to their original types when the Ad Hoc view is saved as a report, but in some cases, such as currency, no such type is available. The currency data is converted to type double. The currency is displayed as a number and the currency symbol is omitted.
    JRIO-707: Observed 500 error when invalid parameter value is provided in the POST request body.
    JSS-3194: jasperQL: Aggregate functions are not getting applied on the Fields.
    JRL-242 (was 17824): While Fusion Charts support annotations, JasperReports Server and Jaspersoft Studio don't support them. We may address this issue in a subsequent release.

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