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    We fixed the following issues in this release:

    JS-64064: Service Pack incompatible with latest JasperServer build.
    JS-63700: Updated Java Certification in Jaspersoft Platform Support Guide.
    JS-63407: JRS+JRIO Integration: /reportExecutions endpoint should support the output formats in both lower and upper case.
    JS-63243: Class Cast Exception after VDS pool timeout.
    JS-63227: Adhoc Properties Panel - Canvas width is not constant in some cases of resizing left and right panels.
    JS-62956: Multi-select Input Controls: 'Select All', 'Deselect All' and 'Invert' texts are getting converted into icons when we remove the selected options from 'Selected' tab.
    JS-62839: "Don't have permission to view this visualization" error for execute-only users.
    JS-62821: Dashboard Properties: Dashboard/Dashlet Settings panel is not resizable in some cases.
    JS-62543: Null pointer exception as a result of patch.
    JS-62454: Multiselect Input Controls in adhoc report with empty value behaves incorrectly for "Select All" button.
    JS-62403: End Date field in Calendar Recurring jobs is auto-fillable.
    JS-62353: After upgrading to version, 7.9 dashboard is not loading due to higher number of queries getting scanned.
    JS-62277: Ad hoc view starts erroring out after applying JRS Pro 7.5.1 hotfix.
    JS-62258: Non-Mandatory Input Controls: Options saved are not restoring back when 'None' is selected under Saved Values.
    JS-62136: setMaxRows doesn't work for Progress SQL server if the SQL contains left join.
    JS-62094: Adhoc "isOneOf Filter" search displays only a Single Value in the UI at the beginning of the session.
    JS-62051: Problem with overriding CSV metadata exporter.
    JS-61960: Not able to edit a JRS 7.2.0 Teradata Domain in JRS 7.9.
    JS-61867: Visualize validation regression in JRS 7.8.
    JS-61758: General security fixes..
    JS-61732: CAS filter: Invalid credentials error for few users while logging into organization in case of multiple organizations.
    JS-61688: Deselect button in multi-select for report isn't resetting values as of JRS Pro 7.8, 7.9.
    JS-61675: Add Set folder sort order incorrect in Ad Hoc.
    JS-61653: Multi-select Input Control filters are not working as expected.
    JS-61646: Change in behavior with interactive report viewer web UI.
    JS-61631: Report export keeps loading until export is complete and no new tab preview for PDF output.
    JS-61626: CORS error with CAS server.
    JS-61617: Export options are displayed in the UI even if the report is empty.
    JS-61588: Multi-select Input Control search operation is not working correctly when used in pop-up window.
    JS-61579: JRS test upgrade script to upgrade from v7.5.0 to v7.9.0 tries to create new properties file and errors with AddMissingPerms.
    JS-61565: Input Control filter deselect is not working.
    JS-61551: Domain left join working in JRS 7.1.1 becomes an inner join in JRS 7.5.1.
    JS-61491: Editing a Domain-derived table reassigns IDs and drops columns.
    JS-61398: Drilldown reports without visible Input Controls are empty after upgrading to JRS 7.9.
    JS-61326: In-page Input Controls are not showing Input Control name in Chrome version 88.
    JS-61319: Getting NullPointerException if JRS 7.8 report Date parameter has no default values.
    JS-61234: Scroll bar displays to the extreme right of the window for the list of columns.
    JS-61224: Column cascade options - Formatting, Hide column, and Show columns are not displayed.
    JS-61215: Dashboard Export of map is distorted.
    JS-61195: Incorrect result in some cases when clicking Undo redo or Undo all button in dashboard.
    JS-61191: Search inside a filter doesn't work in Dashboard.
    JS-61142: Visualize.js goes into infinite loading after applying Search.
    JS-61020: Value of incorrect data type gets passed to a cascading control causing previously working queries to not work anymore.
    JS-60978: Exporting Ad Hoc View with calculated field as a 'is one of' filter throws NullPointerException error.
    JS-60947: Generated Adhoc View Query returns incorrect data due to changed Join ordering.
    JS-60861: Configurations in applicationContext-rest-services.xml result in blank page and javascript console errors after upgrading to JRS 7.8.
    JS-60860: Incorrect SQL join upon switching measure to countDistinct.
    JS-60858: JRS 7.5 is allowing Non-Admin Non-owner User to pause a job.
    JS-60857: Empty report generated in some cases for dashlet hyperlink.
    JS-60806: Latest hotfix of JRS 7.8.0 breaks Edit Parameter tab in schedule for some reports.
    JS-60778: Undefined variables error when using derived table with field under group.
    JS-60776: Search box text in Input Control does not clear after clicking Reset.
    JS-60762: Some indexes are missing for foreign keys.
    JS-60751: TIBCO Maps hyperlink including path of Jasper Server.
    JS-60735: Ad Hoc View hangs in Dashboard with is-one-of filter.
    JS-60707: $P{LoggedInUser}.getTenantId() is returning the wrong TenantId if multiple users are running the same report at the same time.
    JS-60702: Derived query validation not limiting to single row.
    JS-60692: MySQL 8.0 Native driver gives error when attempting to install JasperReports Server.
    JS-60406: Upgrade cas-client-core-3.4.1.jar.
    JS-60404: Upgrade jackson-databind-2.10.0.jar.
    JS-60402: tokenExpireTimestampFormat declared incorrectly.
    JS-60316: Diagnostic Report fails with Input Controls validation failure.
    JS-60302: Reports with parameter name that matches the domain field name do not run on the server.
    JS-60271: Domain "unknown error occurred" after upgrade to JRS 7.5.1 plus hotfix.
    JS-60204: The title of the filter pop-up window "Filter Group" in a dashboard does not get translated to the locale in which a user is logged in.
    JS-60187: Input Control parameter value passed via URL is not passed through to a drill-through report that has query-based Input Control.
    JS-60169: Cascading Input Controls issue with more than 100 items in query.
    JS-60085: Adding Calculated Fields to Ad Hoc Crosstab rows generates error "ORA-00979: not a GROUP BY expression".
    JS-60054: Translation missing in Create Schedule interface.
    JS-60046: Depended cascading input control does not keep its value after updating parent control's value.
    JS-59998: Import into a different Organization via UI fails due to a missing keyAlias value.
    JS-59995: Buildomatic does not encrypt more than one password at a time.
    JS-59945: Updated CVE-google-oauth-client-1.22.0.jar.
    JS-59622: Domain "unknown error occurred" after upgrade to JRS 7.5.1 plus hotfix.
    JS-59618: SameSite cookie issues with application using JRS 7.5.1 Visualize.js.
    JS-59617: Nullpointer in attribute resolution during js-import.
    JS-59310: Unable to search using Search text box for Input Controls using 'is one of' filter.
    JS-58467: JavaScript validation doesn't allow common table expression (CTE) 'WITH', in the start of queries in Derived tables.
    JS-58444: URL Report does not display report correctly after upgrading to JRS 7.5.0.
    JS-58270: Unable to edit or export a domain from an earlier version of JRS to JRS 7.5.0.
    JS-58269: JRS 6.4.2 scheduled jobs become corrupted at random after several runs.
    JS-58267: Misalignment for Crosstab floating header in JRS 7.2.0 dashboard.
    JS-58114: Updated JQuery version in JRS 7.5.0.
    JS-58052: REST Delete User is no longer working in JRS 7.5.0.
    JS-57483: Refreshing a report with unselected mandatory Input Controls produces an error.
    JS-57452: Custom Input Controls page no longer working in JRS 7.5.0.
    JS-57110: SQL Exception: Unable to specify target table 'JIAccessEvent' in log files.
    JS-56873: Scheduled Report displays error message when Scheduled Job Name is too long.
    JS-56819: Spring-security upgrade.
    JS-56613: Non-critical exceptions upon JRS 7.5.0 startup.
    JS-55979: Cannot add new fields to existing tables in Domain Designer.
    JS-47365: Visualize.js not cached.
    JS-40817: Visualize.js UI issue when applying filter and no data expected in table.
    JS-34778: The JasperReports Server 7.2 login page returns blank when using proxy and Oracle WebLogic.
    JS-34626: Certification of Snowflake database as a data source.
    JS-34451: Certification of Oracle 19c as a data source and a repository database.
    JS-34413: Case-insensitive search does not work from interactive menu.
    JS-34376: Scale to Width causes Dashboard Designer to freeze.
    JS-34351: Report Input Control options needed in dashboard.
    JS-34350: Navigation needed between Ad Hoc Chart Format tabs and Tab hot key.
    JS-34284: Upgrade of Javamail library to 1.4.4 needed in default JRS installation.
    JS-34204: Users cannot see resources in public folder when they have no access to their organizational folder.
    JS-34184: Add option to configure canvas size when scheduling a Dashboard via REST.
    JS-33851: Cancel from Choose Data and then from Select Data leads to Choose Data again.
    JS-33810: Need to set defaultReadOnly= false for Informatica Snowflake.
    JS-33785: ClassCastException when opening or saving a report created from an Ad Hoc view.
    JS-33151: User with ROLE_ADMINISTRATOR can delete its own tenant with subtenants.
    JS-32900: Capability to serve visualize.js from Jaspersoft CDN.
    JS-28688: Date picker UI disappears after selecting date; unable to use time sliders.
    JS-33151: User with ROLE_ADMINISTRATOR can delete its own tenant with subtenants.
    JS-27919: A race condition exception occurs during REST login.
    JS-27540: Inefficient loading of large number of Input Control values.
    JSS-3063: Oracle data adapter with Encryption and Integrity check enabled not working.
    JSS-2941: Unable to use Google Big Query data adapter to open reports from Jaspersoft Studio in JasperReports Server.

    For information about cases fixed in previous releases, see that version's release notes. For information about your specific cases, please visit TIBCO Jaspersoft Technical Support (http://support.tibco.com).

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