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    Database Changes
    Upgrade to this Version Using the Overlay Method
    Upgrade from 6.4.x to 7.1.3
    Upgrade from Older Versions
    Upgrade from Community Project
    Important Upgrade Information


    You can upgrade directly to 7.1.3 if your instance is any of the 7.1.x versions.

    To upgrade, start with the WAR File Distribution ZIP: TIB_js-jrs_7.1.3_bin.zip

    Downloaded it from TIBCO Jaspersoft Technical Support (http://support.tibco.com).

    The recommended upgrade procedures are fully described in the JasperReports Server Upgrade Guide.


    If you are upgrading from certain versions of JasperReports Server, such as 6.0, 6.0.1, 6.1, or 6.2.0, the upgrade involves substantial changes that may require you to plan and prepare beforehand. See the JasperReports Server Upgrade Guide for advice regarding these important considerations. Also, see Important Upgrade Information.

    Database Changes

    Between certain versions of the server, we have changed the repository database in order to add new functionality.

    There are no database changes between 7.1.1 and 7.1.3.
    There are changes between 6.4.x and 7.1.

    For information on database changes in previous releases, please see the latest 6.4.x release notes.

    Upgrade to this Version Using the Overlay Method


    These instructions apply only to instances that are deployed in Tomcat; the overlay method doesn't support other application servers.

    The Overlay Upgrade package supports upgrading from JasperReports Server 6.0 and above. It can preserve and give execution-time feedback on modified files and customizations found in your JasperReports Server instance. This allows the upgrade to preserve your customizations and gives you visibility into which files changed. It also supports rollback to put your original web application instance back in place.

    This package is only implemented and certified to work with the Tomcat application server. All certified repository databases are supported.

    Start by downloading the Overlay Upgrade package from TIBCO Jaspersoft Technical Support (http://support.tibco.com). The package name is: TIB_js-jrs_7.1.3_overlay.zip

    To start your overlay upgrade:

    1. Unzip the package and open a command shell to its root. Make sure to stop your Tomcat instance. Then enter:

    overlay install

    This initiates the upgrade operation.

    2. You are prompted for a working folder; accept the default.

    You are prompted for the path to the default_master.properties file from your previous JasperReports Server installation.

    3. Enter the path.

    The overlay upgrade can now execute.

    4. Once the overlay upgrade is complete (and you have resolved any file conflicts), restart Tomcat.

    For information on the overlay upgrade functionality, see the JasperReports Server Upgrade Guide.

    Upgrade from 6.4.x to 7.1.3

    The recommended procedure for upgrading from 6.4.x is described in Chapter 3 of the JasperReports Server Upgrade Guide. Run this procedure from the command line. In summary:

    1. Copy the properties file:

    cd <unpacked-dir>/buildomatic

    cp sample_conf/<dbType>_master.properties default_master.properties

    2. Using a text editor, edit default_master.properties to add your application server and database server properties.
    3. Run the install .sh or .bat file:


    Upgrade from Older Versions

    This upgrade procedure lets you upgrade from JasperReports Server versions 6.0.x through 6.3.x. The recommended procedure is described in Chapter 4 of the JasperReports Server Upgrade Guide. This procedure is run from the command line. In summary:

    1. Export your existing JasperReports Server repository data, either using the buildomatic/js-export.sh/bat command (for example, ./js-export.sh --everything --output-zip my-export.zip), or by exporting directly from the web UI).
    2. Change directories to the buildomatic directory (for example, cd <unpacked-dir>/buildomatic).
    3. Copy the master properties file (for example, cp sample_conf/<dbType>_master.properties default_master.properties).
    4. Edit the default_master.properties file to add your application server and database properties (for example, ./js-upgrade-newdb.sh <path>/my-export.zip, or /.js-upgrade-newdb.bat <path>/my-export.zip).

    Upgrade from Community Project

    If your current instance is the Community version, you can follow Chapter 6 of the JasperReports Server Upgrade Guide to upgrade to the Commercial version.

    Important Upgrade Information

    This section describes special upgrade considerations for moving to this release.

    For additional information on planning for your upgrade, see the JasperReports Server Upgrade Guide.

    Changes in the 7.1 Release. The layout of the login page changed in JasperReports Server 7.1. There were no changes to the CSS classes, but some default values were changed. If you have customized the login page, test your customizations to ensure they have the desired effect in 7.1, and make any necessary changes.

    If you haven't customized the login page, this change doesn't affect you.

    Changes in the Version 6 Releases. JasperReports Server Version 6 releases included many changes that may impact the upgrade steps in unexpected ways. We made such changes in 6.0.x, 6.1.x, 6.2.x, and 6.4.x. For example, changes in 6.2.1 replaced the drivers used by Impala and Simba data sources. If you used the older drivers, you must take these additional steps; if you didn't use those drivers, you don't.

    For more information about considerations when upgrading to version 7, please refer to the latest 6.4.x release notes. For details, see the upgrade guide for the release that impacts your upgrade path.

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