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    This section describes:

    Installation Executables
    WAR File Binary Distributions

    For more information, see the Jaspersoft Platform Support document, which is available from TIBCO Jaspersoft Technical Support (http://support.tibco.com).

    Installation Executables

    The provided executables support various operating systems and install the required components.

    Operating Systems

    The installers are available for 64-bit versions of these operating systems:

    Linux Installer Windows Installer Mac OS X Installer Other
    Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.1, 6.4, 6.6, and 7.1
    Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise 12.1
    Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and 17.04
    Debian 8 and 9
    Fedora 22
    CentOS 6.4 and 7
    Windows Vista (SP2)
    Windows 2008 R1 and R2
    Windows 7 (SP1)
    Windows 8 and 8.1
    Windows 10
    Windows Server 2012 and 2016
    Mountain Lion (10.8)
    Maverick (10.9)
    Yosemite (10.10.1)
    El Capitan (10.11)
    Sierra (10.12)
    Solaris SPARC 10 and 11
    HP-UX 11.23 and 11.31
    FreeBSD 8.1 and 10.2
    IBM AIX 7.2

    Components in the Installer

    The executable installers contain all the components needed to run the JasperReports Server web application, including:

    Apache Tomcat 8.5.30
    PostgreSQL 9.3.20
    Oracle JDK 8 version 1.8.0_151 (8u151)
    JasperReports Server Web Application (WAR) file
    PhantomJS 2.1.1


    During installation, you can choose whether to use an existing instance of Tomcat or create a new one to host JasperReports Server. Similarly, you can choose whether to use an existing instance of PostgeSQL or create a new one. These choices are entirely independent; you can use either an existing instance or create a new instance of either.

    WAR File Binary Distributions

    The WAR File Binary Distribution contains sample configurations and repository database setup scripts for the following applications.

    Java Virtual Machines

    Oracle JDK 1.8
    OpenJDK 1.8
    IBM JDK 1.8


    Only 64-bit JDKs are supported.

    Application Servers

    Apache Tomcat 8.0.48 through 8.5.30 (we recommend 8.5.30)
    GlassFish 4.1.2
    JBoss EAP 6.4 and 7.0
    WildFly 8.2.0, 9.0.2, and 10.1
    Oracle WebLogic 12.2.1 and 12.1.3
    IBM WebSphere and

    Database Servers

    PostgreSQL 9.3, 9.4, 9.5, and 9.6
    MySQL 5.5, 5.6, and 5.7
    IBM DB2 9.7, 10.1, and 10.5
    Microsoft SQL Server 2012, 2014, and 2016
    Oracle 11g R2 and 12c

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