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    Changes in 6.2.1 That May Affect Your Upgrade

    Removal of the Impala Connector

    JasperReports Server provides new and updated drivers for various databases. In this release, the previous connector for Impala that was available on the Jaspersoft community website is replaced with the Simba JDBC driver (Cloudera-endorsed JDBC interface).

    By default, the new release supports the new JDBC driver, and the old Impala connector cannot be used. You should update your Impala data sources to use the new driver. For more information, see the JasperReports Server Administrator Guide.

    If you wish to continue using the Impala connector from the community website, you must replace the following JAR files in the .../WEB-INF/lib directory:


    With This





    Unless you replace the files listed in the table, data sources that use the old Impala connector will cause errors when running reports that rely on them.

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