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  • This documentation is an older version of JasperReports Server Community Project Release Notes. View the latest documentation.

    JasperReports® Server Community Project is a high-performance standalone or embeddable Business Intelligence (BI) platform that provides rich reporting and integrated in-memory analysis capabilities. In addition, Jaspersoft® OLAP provides data analysis running on the same shared BI platform.

    These release notes describe the available functionality at a high level; for details, see the documentation.

    In particular, see the TIBCO JasperReports Server Installation Guide for instructions about running the installer, creating and updating the database, and deploying the WAR file; see the TIBCO JasperReports Server Upgrade Guide for instructions on upgrading from previous versions.


    JasperReports Server is governed by a License Agreement, the text of which is found at

    TIB_ js-jrs-ce_8.0.2_license.txt

    Please read it before you login to JasperReports Server for the first time. If you installed the server using an installer binary (rather than deploying a WAR file), you have already agreed to this license.


    These release notes include the following:

    New Features
    Changes In Functionality
    Migration and Compatibility
    Known Issues

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