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    Upgrade Paths
    Upgrade File
    Database Changes

    Upgrade Paths

    Your current version determines your upgrade path:

    Paths for Upgrading to Version 8.0.2


    Upgrade File

    Downloaded one of the following files from the Jaspersoft community website.

    If you are upgrading from version 7.x, download the WAR file named TIB_js-jrs-cp_8.0.2_bin.zip

    Unzip the file and follow the instructions in Chapter 3 of the TIBCO JasperReports Server Upgrade Guide for version 8.0 using the WAR file for 8.0.2.

    If you are upgrading from version 8.0.x, download the Service Pack distribution named TIB_js-jrs-cp_8.0.2_sp.zip

    Unzip the file and follow the instructions in the readme file it contains. The ZIP file contains patch files to replace or supplement files in your installed instance of JasperReports Server 8.0.x. You may also need to delete files that are no longer needed.

    Database Changes

    There are no database changes between 8.0.0, 8.0.1, and 8.0.2.

    For database changes between previous releases, see the release notes for those versions.

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