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    This section describes major changes in functionality in the Jaspersoft BI Suite version 8.0.x releases. For information regarding versions 7.1 to 7.9, see the release notes for those releases.

    Changes in 8.0.2

    Resolve CVE-2022-22965 vulnerability in the Spring Framework.
    Minor improvements requested by customers.
    There is a new configuration to handle a performance issue when selecting a data source for an Ad Hoc view. When choosing a topic from /adhoc/topics in the repository, the server must filter the JRXML reports that can be used as topics from other files stored in the same folder. If there are many files in this folder, the filtering can take a long time and block the UI. To skip this filtering, set skip.adhoc.datasource.check=true in the jasperserver-pro/WEB-INF/js.config.properties file.

    However, when this property is set to true, Ad Hoc reports stored under /adhoc/topics will appear in Data Chooser list and tree and may be selected. Proceeding with an Ad Hoc report as a data source by clicking Choose Data... can lead to errors. Even though Ad Hoc reports may appear in the chooser with this setting, you must only select JRXML views as topics.

    Changes in 8.0.1

    Minor internal changes to the JasperReports Server web application.
    Minor changes to the buildomatic installation and configuration tool.

    Changes in 8.0.0

    XMLA Server Disabled by Default

    XMLA (XML for Analysis, also written XML/A) is a legacy SOAP-based XML protocol used to transfer analysis data over an HTTP connection. XMLA consists of a client component to connect to external XMLA data sources, and a server component that allows XMLA connections to be used internally as data sources in JasperReports Server. XMLA has been deprecated in JasperReports Server since release 7.1, but the functionality was still available.

    As of this release, the XMLA server component is now disabled by default. JasperReports Server can still receive and process data from a Mondrian XMLA data source as a client, but that XMLA connection can no longer be used as a server to define a second data source. If you had reports based on such a data source, they must be modified to use the Mondrian XMLA data source directly.

    It is strongly encouraged to keep the JasperReports Server XMLA server disabled for security considerations. However, the XMLA server can be re-enabled through the following steps:

    1. Edit web.xml.
    2. Find JasperXmlaServlet.
    3. Uncomment the servlet definition and mapping to:









    4. Restart the server.


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