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    This chapter is for Jaspersoft Internal Developers and for Advanced Developers who are customers who want to use some of the additional options that can be set via the buildomatic property settings.

    Internal Developers and Advanced Developers

    As of Release 4.7, Jaspersoft has setup an internal Maven repository using the Artifactory server software. This repository holds all third party component dependencies required to build the source code. It holds components directly or acts as a proxy for the standard public Maven repositories such as repo1.maven.org

    This internal repository is convenient for internal Jaspersoft developers because the developer can point to one location to get all dependencies resolved.

    In default_master.properties, internal developers should comment out maven.build.type=repo and repo-path=<path>:

    # maven.build.type=repo

    # repo-path=<path>

    External developers (that is, customers) who download the jasperreports-server-<ver>-src.zip package from jaspersoft.com should set all the properties described in Configuring the Buildomatic Properties before building JasperReports Server.

    There are additional buildomatic property settings for advanced external developers. If an external developer is working within an enterprise or on a project that has an internal Maven repository server then the mirror value can be utilized. The following property settings and values will enable a local Maven repository:



    Additionally, if an external developer has other build configurations to add, this can be accommodated with the maven.build.type=custom property setting. If this value is set, then the following file will be used as the template to set up the JasperReports Server build configuration:


    The file above can be edited to add whatever configurations are desired.

    When buildomatic auto-setup is complete, you can see the final maven settings file that is used for the JasperReports Server build at this location:


    Additional Properties in default_master.properties

    The properties shown in the table below can be utilized for various customizations of the JasperReports Server build:

    Property Setting



    Enable this property to skip unit test execution. This will speed the source build.


    Enable this property to increase the INFO logging from the Maven package. Maven is a verbose build tool, and as of Release 5.1 the logging level for JasperReports Server builds has been decreased.


    Enable this property if you would like to build in “offline” mode. In order to run in offline mode you need to have successfully build JasperServer at least once.


    Enable this property to skip the copying of files which setup the command line import-export configuration. This will save time on file copying.


    Use this setting for the build type if you have downloaded the source code zip package from the jaspersoft.com site and you are building the source code as a customer (external developer) would build it. You will also need to set the repo-path property. maven.build.type=repo is the default value used in the sample <dbType>_master.properties files.


    Use this setting for the build type if you are building only the Community source code. This setting supports Community members who have checked out JasperReports Server source code from the Community site:



    If an external developer has a central Maven style repository for their enterprise or project, this setting can be used to specify the local central repository. If this property value is set then the mvn-mirror property should also be set.


    If an external developer’s build requires additional configurations, these can be supported using this property value. In this case, the following template file will be used:


    This file can be manually edited to add additional configurations. The file will be processed by buildomatic and copied to its final location after executing a buildomatic command:




    The value shown is the default repo-url used by Jaspersoft internal development.


    Set a local path value for this property if you are using maven.build.type=repo (this is the default configuration from the source code zip download from jaspersoft.com).


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