Web Application Server

The JasperReports IO reporting service is deployed in a Java web application on an Eclipse Jetty web server included with JasperReports IO. You can create a web application with interactive reports and the web application server handle all HTTP requests from users. The web application server is located in the <jrio-install>/jetty directory. For information on the Eclipse Jetty web server, see the Jetty documentation.

On JasperReports IO, there are two scripts in the <jrio-install> directory to start and stop the Eclipse Jetty server and the JasperReports IO reporting service. The script to start the web application server is start.bat for Windows and start.sh for Mac OS and Linux, and the stop script is stop.bat for Windows and stop.sh for Mac OS and Linux.

Configuring the Web Application Server

The start script specifies several startup configuration parameters for the server that can be changed to better suit your needs.

Java Virtual Machine Heap Memory

There are two parameters for specifying the amount of heap memory allocated to the JasperReports IO reporting service's Java web application when it starts up. The -Xms<size> parameter specifies the initial heap memory size for the web application and the -Xmx<size> parameter specifies the maximum heap memory size. The following examples show an initial heap memory size of 256 MB and a maximum size of 512 MB:

Linux: ./jre/bin/java -Xms256m -Xmx512m -jar ./jetty/start.jar

Windows: jre\bin\java -Xms256m -Xmx512m -jar jetty\start.jar

Mac OS: ./jre/Contents/Home/bin/java -Xms256m -Xmx512m -jar ./jetty/start.jar

Web Application Server Port

By default, the web application server starts on port 8080, but if this port is already in use on your host machine, you can edit the start script to change the following setting to another port number:


Web Application Server Stop Port and Stop Key

The start and stop scripts define the stop port and stop key settings required for stopping the web application server. The stop port is the number of the port on the host machine that listens for termination requests and the stop key is a key that must be the port of the stop request. These settings must match in both scripts for the web application server to shut down properly. The following is an example of the stop port and key settings:

-DSTOP.PORT=8989 -DSTOP.KEY=st0p_J3Tty

Web Application

When the web application server is running, the user's web browser accesses the HTML files in the <jrio-install>/repository/ROOT folder when they open http://<jrio>:8080 in their browser. You can store the files for your web application in this folder or create an index.html file to redirect the user's browser to a web application in another directory. For example, the sample index.html in the directory that was created during installation redirects the user's browser to http://<jrio>:8080/jrio-docs, where the sample web application that comes with JasperReports IO is installed.