Using Local Folder as a Repository

It is possible to use a folder from the PC as a report repository. In the case JasperReports Web Studio is installed and used by a single report developer, the developer could work with reports from a laptop. To do that, a property should be configured in the startup script jrws.repository.file.[name]. For example:

For Linux:

JRWS_ARGS="${JRWS_ARGS} -Djrws.repository.file.samples=/path/to/the/samples"

For Windows:

set "JRWS_ARGS=%JRWS_ARGS% -Djrws.repository.file.samples=C:/path/to/the/samples"

It is also possible to configure multiple folders.

Warning: Because JasperReports Web Studio is listed by default on the localhost:8088, this folder is seen by other network users. To avoid this, the users must protect this port with a firewall (not allowing connections from outside) or configure the Jetty server to allow connections only from the localhost.