Getting Started

The standalone web application distribution of JasperReports Web Studio comes in the form of a ZIP package that contains everything you need to start the application on a Linux, Windows, or macOS machine.

After downloading the package from the Jaspersoft website, you can extract its contents to a folder of your choice on your target machine and then navigate to that folder using a terminal window and launch the or start.bat script.

By default, the application starts on http://localhost:8088, but the port and other configuration parameters can be changed in the start script if needed.

The web application opens up with a login screen where you have the option to connect to various types of repositories where reporting resources are stored, including JasperReports Server instances, Google Drive accounts, or GitHub projects.

Only the button to connect to an existing instance of JasperReports Server is enabled by default, the other two login options for Google Drive and GitHub are disabled, as they require additional configuration in the start script for the OAuth2 based authentication into these cloud platforms.