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#9466 JasperReports Server can export existing JRXML New (Open) Feature Immediate Task 5 years 11 months ago 0 JasperReports® Server
#4098 Need to dispaly hyphen for zero and also should retain number format on export to excel from jasper v5.0 New (Open) Critical Urgent Task 8 years 1 month ago 0 iReport Designer
#12856 Stretch to group height New (Open) Minor Normal Task 2 years 9 months ago 0 JasperReports® Library
#3933 Report working in 4.5 fails in 5.6 New (Open) Minor Normal Task 8 years 5 months ago 0 JasperReports® Server
#12896 MASTER_TOTAL_PAGES New (Open) Tweak Normal Task 2 years 3 months ago 1 JasperReports® Library
#13796 Does not show report in desktop java mode Acknowledged (No Change Required) Minor Normal Task 1 year 7 months ago 1 JasperReports® Library
#13926 Is Jaspersoft vulnerable to the Log4Shell 0-day exploit? New (Open) Critical Urgent Task 9 months 6 days ago 4 JasperReports® Server
#13201 iReport-5.6.0 - how to hide pageHeader on last two pages. Can anybody help? New (Open) Critical High Task 2 years 4 months ago 1 iReport Designer
#3649 Unable to launch jasperserver 5.5/5.6 New (Open) Major High Task 7 years 8 months ago 2 JasperReports® Server
#14011 Update itext dependency Feedback Requested (No Change Required) Major Urgent Task teodord 1 year 1 week ago 2 JasperReports® Library
#11361 jasper services need to run noon root user n centos 7 New (Open) Critical Urgent Task 4 years 4 months ago 0 JasperReports® Server
#3640 How to create a drop down filter parameter inside Ireport report New (Not Fixable) Major Immediate Task 8 years 10 months ago 0 iReport Designer
#3361 Creating SubReport New (Open) Minor High Task Anonymous 9 years 2 months ago 1 JasperReports® Server