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ID Summary Status Severity Priority Category Assigned to Last Updated Repliessort descending Project
#3502 JRViewer and Event Dispatch Thread Confirmed (Open) Trivial Low Bug report lucianc 10 years 8 months ago 12 JasperReports® Library
#5118 Version 4.0.0 - Query Button - No Response- Hangs Machine Assigned (Fixed) Major Normal Bug report giulio 5 years 11 months ago 12 iReport Designer
#13901 java.util.MissingResourceException: Can't find bundle for base name Feedback Requested (Open) Major Normal Bug report 9 months 2 weeks ago 12 Jaspersoft® Studio
#4151 So many instance of JRTemplatePrintText, SimpleTextFormat and JRTemplatePrintFrame Feedback Requested (Open) Block Immediate Bug report teodord 3 years 11 months ago 13 JasperReports® Library
#3674 JSS Removes Text Size and a few styles in every case when not using internal preview Feedback Requested (Open) Block Immediate Bug report mrabbi 7 years 8 months ago 13 Jaspersoft® Studio
#5609 Conditional Styles are not evaluated correctly Confirmed (Reopened) Major High Bug report 1 year 7 months ago 13 JasperReports® Library
#4324 DOCX: page header/footer band in page header and footer to allow generation of editable letters Acknowledged (Open) Major High Feature request teodord 4 years 4 months ago 13 JasperReports® Library
#3721 JDBC driver installed, but displayed as "NOT INSTALLED" New (Reopened) Minor Immediate Bug report 3 years 3 weeks ago 14 JasperReports® Server
#4068 JRVirtualization Memory leak New (Open) Major High Bug report 7 years 7 months ago 14 JasperReports® Library
#4527 When running a report, generated with iReport-NB, erroneous class casts occur Assigned (Fixed) Major High Bug report chicuslavic 5 years 11 months ago 15 iReport Designer
#13591 Custom Function Extension cannot be used (Compile error) Assigned (Open) Major High Bug report 2 months 2 weeks ago 16 Jaspersoft® Studio
#8066 Word wrapping issue with special characters Feedback Requested (Open) Major High Bug report lucianc 6 years 2 months ago 16 iReport Designer
#4961 NullPointer on execution New (Fixed) Critical High Bug report 4 years 1 month ago 17 JasperReports® Server
#12446 XSD not compliant / missing textAdjust Property (Jasper 6.11.0) Confirmed (No Change Required) Major Normal Bug report 2 years 3 weeks ago 17 JasperReports® Library
#12986 Jasperserver 7.1.0 -> Client update to Firefox 69.0 and single select query combo opens and closes with no chance to choice New (Open) Critical High Bug report 3 months 2 weeks ago 17 JasperReports® Server
#3286 Options for a scheduled report are not displayed as the API returns 404 the GET. Confirmed (Open) Major Urgent Bug report 7 years 12 months ago 18 JasperReports® Server
#11761 Images not show in Designer Ver 6.8 New (Open) Major High Bug report morlandin 11 months 2 days ago 18 Jaspersoft® Studio
#10886 "No results" error for all MongoDbQuery aggregation queries Feedback Requested (Open) Critical Immediate Bug report 2 years 11 months ago 20 JasperReports® Server
#4451 JSS 6.1.x forgets Datasource Provider class Acknowledged (Fixed) Block Immediate Bug report morlandin 6 years 2 weeks ago 22 Jaspersoft® Studio
#11151 Using a JNDI DS for subreport ? Confirmed (Open) Major High Feature request 3 years 11 months ago 24 Jaspersoft® Studio