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ID Summary Status Severity Priority Categorysort ascending Assigned to Last Updated Replies Project
#4537 JasperAdmin user disabled by default after installing JS 3.7RC New (Open) Minor Normal Bug report swood 13 years 2 weeks ago 0 JasperReports® Server
#1061 In Crosstab, all elements show the same border settings Assigned (Open) Major High Bug report ASavitsky 16 years 4 weeks ago 0 iReport Designer
#3157 Error when passing Collection as parameter in REST New (Open) Major High Bug report 9 years 4 months ago 0 JasperReports® Server
#3218 Query Designer can't handle a hyphen in sql table Names New (Open) Major Normal Bug report 9 years 3 months ago 0 iReport Designer
#5672 Server error when sending to multiple email addresses in scheduler New (Open) Major Urgent Bug report swood 10 years 3 months ago 1 JasperReports® Server
#5671 Add Multiple Data Source Virtualization Sample New (Open) Minor Normal Bug report teodord 10 years 11 months ago 0 JasperReports® Library
#4332 Pie Chart - Dataset order being changed Assigned (Open) Major High Bug report shertage 13 years 3 months ago 2 iReport Designer
#3984 Reports not loading after 5 concurrent uses of a data source New (Open) Critical High Bug report 8 years 1 month ago 0 JasperReports® Server
#7216 Error em Jasper ETL Cocoa Application New (Open) Minor High Bug report 4 years 8 months ago 2 Jaspersoft® ETL
#7336 Cannot edit List of Values input control New (Open) Block Immediate Bug report 6 years 9 months ago 0 JasperReports® Server
#8131 Silent setup is installing 64 bits but using 32 bits registry key New (Open) Feature Normal Bug report giulio 6 years 2 months ago 5 Jaspersoft® Studio