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ID Summary Status Severity Priority Category Assigned tosort ascending Last Updated Replies Project
#13901 java.util.MissingResourceException: Can't find bundle for base name New (Open) Major Urgent Bug report 7 months 1 week ago 13 Jaspersoft® Studio
#6416 Reports are not generating Feedback Requested (Open) Major High Bug report 7 years 6 months ago 2 JasperReports® Server
#10821 bad quality when i print in preview page use PDF mode New (Open) Minor Immediate Bug report 5 years 1 month ago 0 JasperReports® Library
#12216 Http 503 with haproxy New (Open) Minor Normal Bug report 3 years 7 months ago 0 JasperReports® Server
#6671 Date format ignored in 6.2.0 New (Open) Block High Bug report 7 years 5 months ago 1 JasperReports® Server
#14056 Report with Groups: Group-Calculation (sum) invalid in before pagebreak New (Open) Minor Normal Bug report 1 year 3 months ago 1 iReport Designer
#4096 Custom visualisation Component Error New (Works as Designed) Critical Immediate Bug report 7 years 4 months ago 5 Jaspersoft® Studio
#4721 Calendar Widget not translatable New (Open) Minor High Bug report 8 years 3 weeks ago 0 JasperReports® Server
#13576 ODS + rotate text New (Open) Text High Bug report 2 years 2 weeks ago 0 JasperReports® Library
#10371 Link to report or other resources by its unique ID New (Open) Minor Normal Feature request 5 years 4 months ago 1 JasperReports® Server