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ID Summary Status Severity Prioritysort descending Category Assigned to Last Updated Replies Project
#10276 net.sf.jasperreports.engine.JRRuntimeException: java.io.IOException: The handle is invalid New (Open) Block Immediate Bug report 3 years 11 months ago 0 JasperReports® Library
#4048 Library stuck Infinite Loop under specific circumstances New (Open) Block Immediate Bug report Anonymous 6 years 10 months ago 1 JasperReports® Library
#7256 Page printing on top the other and mashed Feedback Requested (Open) Critical Immediate Bug report 5 years 7 months ago 0 iReport Designer
#2494 Changing Password in jasper. New (Open) Critical Immediate General mgeise 8 years 3 months ago 4 JasperReports® Server
#3721 JDBC driver installed, but displayed as "NOT INSTALLED" New (Reopened) Minor Immediate Bug report 2 years 3 months ago 14 JasperReports® Server
#2589 ETL - what to do next?! New (Open) Minor Immediate General 9 years 3 weeks ago 0 Jaspersoft® ETL
#3664 Showing High Charts Error #13 New (Open) Block Immediate Bug report 7 years 6 months ago 0 Visualize.js
#4028 Jaspersoft 6 : Issue with Drill-down report in the Same Dashboard New (Open) Block Immediate Bug report 6 years 5 months ago 2 JasperReports® Server