Whats new in 6.3 Jasper (Server and Studio) ? from release notes

Sadakar Pochampalli
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In this post you will see what is new in Jaspersoft 6.3 new release (enterprise and community)

JasperReports Server 6.3.0 includes these improvements:

* Dashboards - New enhancements include:
  - Dashboard and dashlet exporting.
  - Text and image dashlets now support hyperlinks.
  - More formatting options for dashboards and dashlets.
  - New time and date wildcards for dashlets.
  - Auto-complete for parameters and time and date wildcards.
  - Image dashlets have a Browse button for the respository.

* Scheduler - New enhancements include:
  - Support for scheduling Dashboard exports.
  - Support for SFTP with SSH key authentication as a transfer
  - Automatic validation of the path to the repository output
    folder when clicking Save.
  - Support for changing the default output folder by editing a
    configuration file.
* Data Connectivity - We continue to improve and refine data 
  access in JasperReports Server. This release adds:
  - New support for Microsoft SQL Azure.
  - New driver for Spark.
  - New Progress driver for Cassandra.
  - New JDBC driver for MongoDB.
  - Updated MongoDB Connector.
  - New Progress driver for Impala.
  - Updated JDBC driver for MariaDB.

* Jaspersoft Studio - New enhancements include:
  - Support for font sets, which let you group font extensions
    in supersets that can include several languages or character
sets and control which languages are used for each font
in the set.
  - Import/export for configuration resources, which lets you
    migrate global configurations, such as global data adapters,
composite elements, and Jaspersoft Studio preferences
between different instances of Jaspersoft Studio.
  - Improved interface for editing properties in HTML5 charts.

* Performance Improvements - JasperReports Server is faster and
  uses less memory when working with high-cardinality data in Ad
  Hoc views or reports based on Ad Hoc views.

* Security Improvements - In our on-going effort to improve the
  security of your data, JasperReports Server implements a new
  Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) protection mechanism that is
  more effective and less intrusive. For more information, see
  the Security Guide.

Read full notes here : Download