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  • Meet the Jaspersoft Business Intelligence Rock Star Award Winners

    This year, Jaspersoft was proud to start a new tradition – an awards program designed to recognize excellence in Jaspersoft implementations by customers and members of our open source community. In our search for the most creative and effective deployments, we found that Jaspersoft BI touches almost every industry sector: Telecommunications, Computer Software and Technology, Higher Education, Financial Services, and many more - as well as almost every region across the globe.

    The Jaspersoft BI Rock Star awards, recently announced at JasperWorld 2011 in San Francisco, recognized three of our customers whose BI innovations excelled.

    The winners for the inaugural awards were:

    · Dave Jarvis- White Magic Software, British Columbia, Canada

    · John Kearney- The Commonwealth Medical College, Scranton, Pennsylvania

    · George Mehok- Revol Wireless, Independence, Ohio

    Dave Jarvis, our Grand Prize winner and principal at White Magic Software, developed a Climate Reports tool with JasperReports, iReport, and the R programming language to display local climate trends. The software has been used by Environment Canada, environmentalists, climatologists, and the general public. The purpose of the software is to give businesses (such as vineyards) that are climate-sensitive in nature the ability to adapt as our climate changes. One of the reasons Dave developed the climate reports tool was to produce an interface that was unique amongst tools offered in the climate/weather industry. By unique Dave means, "usable by the general public."

    John Kearney at The Commonwealth Medical College (TCMC) purchased the Jaspersoft BI suite to query data and create reports from a data mart that houses the College’s Administrative Systems Portfolio. TCMC successfully built domain sets across eleven functional units, trained end users, and released the application in a production environment within 3 months of acquiring the Jaspersoft BI suite.

    The rollout of the application was a huge success in the College. Units such as the Registrar, Admissions, Financial Aid, Payroll and Faculty Developments now have access to the raw data contained within the source systems for the first time, providing an immediate return on investment of the application. These users became the basis of the TCMC Jaspersoft user group and serve as an alternate means of “how to” within the College rather than needing to rely heavily on the IT department.

    George Mehok at Revol Wireless utilized the full Jaspersoft BI suite to create a comprehensive data warehousing and business intelligence platform that provides:

    Operational Reporting, Dashboards, Data Exchange and Business Analytics Tools. The most pervasive use of Revol’s Jaspersoft-based BI toolkit is Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reporting and dashboards. Because of the competitive nature of the wireless industry, it is critical that Revol Wireless track their performance at various levels, including company, region, store, and employee. Every report or dashboard includes a KPI to compare performance to targets – and that keeps them all focused on accountability.

    Revol Wireless also uses BI analytics to uncover opportunities, validate assumptions and solve problems associated with sales, marketing and customer service performance. For example, they were able to identify ways to make their ecommerce purchasing process more effective using data analytics. The result was a 25-35% improvement in web-based credit card approvals on www.revol.com. That improvement translates into increased sales and ultimately more satisfied customers.

    Jaspersoft’s Rock Stars embody the attributes of the new hero in the solution equation, the BI Builder, in order to achieve true BI success. Industry studies show that business Intelligence solutions achieve greater organizational success when information is used for decision-making. Jaspersoft’s flexible architecture, modern design, and cost-effective business model allow the BI Builder to be successful, helping to make BI pervasive within an organization.

    We’d like to hear from more BI Builders about how they’re using Jaspersoft tools to make BI more widely deployed and useful. Let the comments begin.

    Brian Gentile

    Chief Executive Officer


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