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  • Business Intelligence 2011: Toward the New IT World

    The connected world of the Internet has given rise to a new software development paradigm – built on open, web standards and calling for access to resources and services that weren’t previously - or formally - integrated. Geoffrey Moore projects this trend into the modern organization by simply stating that,

    “Tectonic shifts are occurring in today’s enterprise IT environment, which are giving rise to a network-centric stack of software.”

    I absolutely agree.

    Based on these shifts, the 3rd generation of business intelligence is born, built on new and open technology standards and vastly new user and business requirements. Traditional BI platforms and technologies are poorly suited for this new world because of their complex and inflexible architectures. The customers and uses for which these aged, proprietary BI platforms were designed are already sated.

    Enter a new breed of BI platform that is built specifically for this new IT world and you have the context and underpinnings for a new class of truly pervasive BI that holds the promise of reaching the 85% of knowledge workers who have been forsaken by traditional BI tools and approaches. I see significant and continued advancement toward this vision during 2011.


    In early January, Jaspersoft launched a new version of its BI platform specifically architected for a networked world and the important, emerging class of users we call the “BI Builders.” The world needs a next-generation BI platform to be used as an integrated reporting and analysis service. We simply call it: Jaspersoft 4.

    That’s business intelligence in 2011. You’re going to want to learn more about this BI future by attending JasperWorld 2011 (San Francisco, February 7 – 9). As always, your feedback is requested.


    Brian Gentile

    Chief Executive Officer


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