Tip : Remove extra blank page when a table component is used in summary band

Sadakar Pochampalli
JasperSoft BI Suite Tutorials - Sadakar Pochampalli )

Problem statement : 
1) Take summary band to keep table component i.e., disable all of the remaining bands
2) Feed table component with SQL of only few rows output say 8 rows
Save the report, ideally the report should get within  a single page where my target exporter is PPT and  as the number of rows shall fit within page/slide and the size of text fields are small(in total column header=20, detail cell =15 i.e., total of 35 px ) BUT an extra blank page is displaying in addition of actual output. 

It's relatively very simple but experimenting with properties always consumes a lot of resource time. After trying with Stretch, PositionType and other deprecated properties, just recollected how excel output can be displayed in single sheet. Just mimicked the property for my requirement to get it as single PPT slide. 


It's "Ignore Pagination" property at report level. i.e., select the report name from "Outline" then in the properties select "Ignore Pagination" property. That's it.